I ❤️ The Dropshipping Community

Hello,  I am the inventor of www.TheLiceHat.com ( Healthy and Affordable Head Lice Treatment)  and www.DutchDynamite.com ( a Salt Licorice Alcoholic Drink) .

After a Dropshipping Course I followed , I realized it is pretty weird, that it takes so much time to find good advertising material, when you found your (niche) products.

As a producer , I am really happy with people who wants to sell my product, and of course I should honor that and provide you with good material.  I decided to produce a Marketing Tool Kit especially for the Dropshipping Community for every product I believe in. That way the products in my shop can spread easily worldwide!

( like lice do ! 😄 )

The Dropshipping Community can find me on Spocket.co. under the name Mint Green Missy and I work with the nice people from Syncee, were you can find The LiceHat in their product list. I will personally ensure that your orders are shipped within one business day to your customers. The shipping time is really fast from The Netherlands ( Europe 2-5 days, USA & Canada 6 days, Worldwide 7 days)
I hope we will do a lot of business, have a good day!

Nicolette M. Mak
Serial Entrepreneur